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Our priests and deacons are canonically authorized to administer all of the traditional Catholic sacraments. We have extensive experience in the joyous celebrations: Baptisms, Eucharistic Feasts (Mass), Matrimony, and for those qualified, Holy Orders. We also offer our faithful Penance (through confession), and Sacrament of The Sick (Last Rites). Our clergy are flexible in arranging and performing these rituals, and everyone is encouraged to inquire. In keeping with the traditions, our services are treated with all of the confidentiality expected. We also offer pastoral counseling when requested, both on pre-nuptial and personal levels


Catholic Option clergy work with couples wishing to have a spiritual wedding ceremony, yet flavored with personal touches that enhance the beauty and meaningfulness of this special event. We place no restrictions on the service, as long as proper respect, dignity and civil decorum is honored. Couples who are of mixed faith, or have been previously married as well as other situations which may preclude them from receiving Catholic nuptial blessings are welcomed. Our clergy has extensive experience with various cultural traditions (e.g., Coins, Veil, and Cord) and is able to perform services in English and bi-lingual or Spanish.

The Catholic Option has many resources to avail the couple the best experience in planning their wedding. We have many years of combined experience, and also offer full pre-nuptial guidance including counseling if requested. We offer services to the North Bay, South Bay, East Bay, SF and Monterey coast.


The creation of a new life is one of the most spectacular gifts in God’s Kingdom. We gather as a community to celebrate the beginning of a couples’ life through the sacrament of Matrimony, we also celebrate the creation of life with the sacrament of Baptism. This special event traces its roots back through Biblical times to Jesus and John the Baptist.

Although in the past, baptisms were a private matter conducted in a secluded and small room in the rear of the church or chapel. In recent times, this sacrament has been given its proper recognition as a celebration of the evolution and statement of our Faith. The ceremony has been moved into the center of the community, and the initiate is greeted by the entire congregation.

The clergy of Catholic Option likewise believe that it is important to welcome those into the Christian Community. The Baptism ceremony is significant not only because it is an initiation of the (traditionally) young child into the family of God, but also it solidifies the commitment of the parents and Godparents to the support and love in the upbringing and spiritual development of the child.

We baptize under the sacramental and canonical faculty of the Triune God. That is, our ceremonies are in harmony with the norms of the Catholic tradition as well as general Christianity. We are not limited to baptizing in the church structure, but welcome the opportunity to celebrate this event in a location that is meaningful and surrounds the initiate in a loving and joyous environment. Upon completion of the ceremony, the priest will issue a Certificate of Baptism which is dated and signed by the officiant and the Godparents (sponsors).


Sadly, the Journey of Life comes to an end for all of us at some point. At Catholic Option, we are part of celebrating life, and helping at other times including death. Our clergy are available for those in need at their time of grief. We counsel individuals when facing the loss of a loved one, and console the families as they deal with the inevitable death. As these situations are most often unforeseen, or unpredictable, we are ready to respond on short notice. In other circumstances, we also help families and surviving loved ones plan and conduct final services.

While a funeral is not a sacramental event, we do conduct the traditional Catholic vigils, rosaries, and memorials. We also (with arrangement) conduct a funeral Mass. Our ministers will accompany the funeral procession to the gravesite or place of committal. We have done other non-traditional ceremonies such as inurnments and scattering of cremated remains. We have extensive experience working in even the most stressful situations, and have worked in conjunction with many Bay Area funeral homes.

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