Our Presiders

Father Thomas Dowling

Father Thomas Dowling is a priest in good standing of the North American Old Roman Catholic Church (utrechht Succession). He went to St Patrick's Seminary and University, graduating with a Master of Divinity Degree in 1974.  During his 40 year ministry he has served the Nicaraguan community both in Central America and San Francisco. Presently Father Tom  is the Chancellor of the Archdiocese of California under Archbishop Joseph Vellone.

Father Tom has officiated at hundreds of marriages especially in the last 15 yrs. His style is one of solemnity and relaxation - he calls wedding ceremonies sacred fun. He is an excellent speaker and brings the wedding party and their guests to a true understanding of the marriage ceremony.IN 1983 he co-authored the re-established Celtic Rite and celebrates a monthly Celtic Mass at the parish of Jesus el Buen Pastor in San Bruno.

He is celebrating his 40th anniversary of priesthood this year and brings his experience to his various ministries.

Father Ivan Casteneda

Father Ivan Castaneda

Father Ivan Castaneda is the Pastor of Jesus, El Buen Pastor Parish in San Bruno, CA which is part of the North American Old Roman Catholic Church (Utrecht Succession), Archdiocese of California under Archbishop Joseph Vellone. He celebrates a Spanish Mass at the parish every Sunday.

Father Ivan did his theological studies at the Academia Teologica Latina, Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley where he taught.

He has vast experience officiating in English, Spanish, bi-lingual marriages, as well as administering the other sacraments. His style is one of community in the Holy Spirit. Fr. Ivan has a sense of humor and leads the wedding party and their guests in a true celebration of Holy Matrimony.

He also has a weekly evangelization radio program and has worked on many missionary trips to Latin America.

Father Ivan brings his varied experience to all his ministries, he loves serving God and his people

Father Patrick Bellomi

Rev. Patrick Bellomi, M. Div., was trained in the (Roman Jurisdiction) San Francisco Archdiocesan seminaries, graduating from St. Joseph's College and St. Patrick's. After earning an M.Div. in Theology, he pursued studies with the Orthodox Catholic Church in which he was ordained a priest in 1983. He was conferred with an ecumenical Doctor of Divinity degree by the Sacred Church of the Rose+Croix in 1990.

As an educator, Patrick served as Vice-Principal to St. Joseph School of Religion, and taught several philosophy courses in Western Gnosticism and Spiritual Mysticism as well as conducting seminars at Rose-Croix University in San Jose, CA. He has also written for several publications. His writings have been cited by Cornell University as reference to the US Congressional Research Service.

Pastorally, Patrick served as associate to a congregation in Carmel Valley for ten years