Q: Is this a valid Catholic wedding?  A: Yes. The wedding is sacramentally correct. All rubrics and norms are followed and the sanctity of the ceremony is strictly respected. The celebrant guarantees the sacredness and legality of the service.

Recognition of Marriage

Q: Will my marriage be recognized by the Roman Catholic church?  A: As mentioned, priests are independent Catholics and do not fall under the jurisdiction of the Roman Catholic church. However being validly ordained, the ceremonies and sacraments administered by them are authentic and their recognition varies by the local Roman Catholic jurisdictions.

Is Divorce a Problem

 Q: Me or my fiancé is divorced, is that a problem?  A: No. As long as the State has granted a legal dissolution, the priests (through their bishop) will extend a dispensation from the previous marriage. Our belief is that Jesus gave forgiveness to those with honest hearts and sincere motives. In His example, we carry on His tradition.

Not Catholic

Q: My fiancé is not a Catholic.  A: As we believe that God’s greatest gift to Mankind is love, it is not always bound by religious commitments. The sharing of life and love by two people is the utmost expression of gratitude to God for this gift. The priest meets with the couple and through this acquaintance, can ascertain whether the couple has similar spiritual traditions, and respect for each others’ beliefs. This is the only prerequisite for a harmonious spiritual relationship.

Who else can Co-Officiate

Q: Can we have another minister from another denomination co-officiate this ceremony?   A: Yes. We occasionally have this requested by couples with different faith traditions, or relatives/friends in active ministry. Our only concern is that the co-minister is amicable to whatever their participation level may be, and that they ultimately respect the couples’ wishes for the ceremony.

What is the Stipend

Q: How much does the priest charge for his services?
A: The priest doesn't charge a set fee, but works on an honorarium or donation. Usually, the amount of donation given is based upon the time spent in meeting, crafting and preparing the ceremony, involvement in the wedding, directing and coordinating the service (as need be). If the venue is a distance where travel, fuel and lodging expenses are possible would be another consideration. Also the relative value of the priest should be proportionate to the couple's other wedding expenditures. Generally, most couples give in the range of $450-600 for services. This may be amended by additional expenses mentioned ab